Read chapter 1 of Pobre Ana in this PREZI. It is awesome, and really gives a good visual of what the first chapter is all about.

Here are the links to QUIZLET to practice our current vocabulary (descriptions):

physical descriptions PRACTICE THIS SET FOR THE QUIZ ON TUESDAY, JAN 14 2014

First set of adjectives/descriptions

Here is a crossword puzzle to practice family vocabulary: crucigrama from


Add speech bubbles to your own photos: superlame

Prezi: La familia

A cute STORYBIRD story using "gusta": Storybird: Que le gusta a tomi?

Let's start with some MovieTalk!:

Los diez mejores gols:

La leyenda del espantapajaros

El mismo video, pero con letra:

A las tres: un video sobre un hombre imigrante

Las Ketchup cancion:

El BiblioBurro:

StudyGuide for Final exam:

Need some extra credit? Enjoy making and baking?

Check out this link: edible maracas They are super cute and look YUMMY!

Que divertido!
Mr Veg Head

Story book project: here is the assignment:

que bonito este video!
las acciones de los animales:

Homework for Monday April 8th. Sign in to Conjuguemos and go to the QUIZ section. Take the quiz entitled, "April 8 HW... Mi dia escolar". Conjuguemos

Here is the quiz in document form:

Juanes joins Sesame Street!

Dime Como es tu familia:

Take the quiz at Conjuguemos: Classroom objects and location Once you are signed in to conjuguemos, click on the "quiz" section and take the quiz listed there. (Don't get nervous that it is called a "quiz": it is a homework practice assignment. You will not be "graded" on how many you get correctly - You get homework credit if you try your best on this quiz!!

Practice Classroom ojects and locations: Play the quizlet games:

More activities:

Still haven't created an account on conjuguemos? go to the "former homeworks page"

conjugumos from.jpg

Quia Batlleship practice verbs

Aqui es la tarea para lunes, el veintiocho de enero. Here is your homework for Monday, January 28, 2013

1. First, type in your schedule in Spanish on your page... if you haven't do so already

2. Create a Voice Thread account: Go to Voice and create a user name and password.

3. Then, check out the Voice Thread below and comment on it - basically, answer the question That I ask

4. Next, choose one of the Latin music arts from below and find a video by that person. Embed the video on your page. (I've chosen certain artists who typically have appropriate videos. Please make sure to use discretion when choosing a video- this is a school homework assignment! Anything inappropriate will result in a zero for a grade.

Here is the Voice Thread that you need to comment on:

Here is the list of Musicians/singers to choose from:

(Certain artists are not on the list - because of their videos might not be appropriate)


Carlos Santana

Tito Puente

Gloria Estefan

Enrique Iglesias


Juanes * (mi favorito!)

Wilie Colon

Marc Anthony

Los tigres del norte

Jarabe de Palo

Julieta Venegas

Autoro Sandovil

Hector Lavoe

Carlos Gardel

Celia Cruz

Ricky Martin

Ruben Blades

Los gatos en los "album covers":

cat album cover MJ.jpg

Ve mas dibujos comicos aqui

Hola! Juegan los juegos de QUIZLET aqui: after you play space race choose another activity/game in the bottom right corner "Choose a study Mode"

Your next mission is to create an account on, Your user ID should be your first name and last name initial. If you have time, create a voice thread and upload to your page. We will use this site to practice speaking spanish, so please use some Spanish (maybe ask a question) when creating your voicethread.

Once you have made a user name in, check out mine at this link: The man runs every day Please add a comment to this voice thread by basically saying something similar to what I said or wrote.