Here are former homework assignments. You can always go back to any of these for review.

From March 2013

Your next mission is to create a user name and password for CONJUGUEMOS, an activity-based website to help you practice!

conjugumos from.jpg
conjugumos from.jpg
Click on this frog to take you to to the website and then look for this frog and you will know you are on the correct site:

Click on box that allows you to set up a student account. You will need this id code: 75181 put this number in the space where it asks for school id code. go through the steps to create an account:

Once you have created a username and password, you will be directed to a page that says, "select your settings". Choose Plymouth North High School (if it's not already showing), and then in the "choose a teacher" section click on to my name. Next "choose a class" choose the period that you have Spanish class.

(don't forget your user name and password!- consider

1. for a user name: Your First name and last intitial (GerogeW; LindaG, BarackO - get it?)

2. and a password that includes that word spanish and the period you have spanish. something like this: spanishA for A period students) Choose something that's easy for you to remember!

Once you have created an account, go to the activities page and practice the activity listed there: you can do type in the word/phrase, memory, flashcards, hangman, or print a crossword. Try as many different activities as you can! Soon these words will be made into a test on the conjuguemos website, so you want to be familiar with them.

From January 28 2013

1. First, type in your schedule in Spanish on your page... if you haven't do so already

2. Create a Voice Thread account: Go to Voice and create a user name and password.

3. Then, check out the Voice Thread below and comment on it - basically, answer the question That I ask

4. Next, choose one of the Latin music arts from below and find a video by that person. Embed the video on your page. (I've chosen certain artists who typically have appropriate videos. Please make sure to use discretion when choosing a video- this is a school homework assignment! Anything inappropriate will result in a zero for a grade.

Here is the Voice Thread that you need to comment on: